Is it a virus, as one posting from Google search suggested? I’ll let you know if any work. Inspiron stopped screen mirroring with Samsung Smart TV. This is a network adapter that allows your computer to connect to a wireless network. See if THIS will help you get it turned off.

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I’m having the same annoying problem That said, you should be able to remove it like any other software via control panel.

You will also see the option to turn it off and still leave the startup option. I do answer questions, too, when I run across ones I know.

DW WLAN Card Utility – Dell Community

There should be a button on the right just above Log that says Congestion. I’ll let you know if any work. They are all greyed out. My laptop is Dell Inspiron It will find it on the Internet and you will be done. I’m experiencing the same problem with my Inspiron laptop. I have dell wireless wlan card downloading drivers off the driver page in hopes of finding one that will shut this thing witeless


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Although my laptop will shutdown for no reason dell wireless wlan card having it on for about 6 hours. I didn’t have to set it, it just came up as part of wireleess set-up. Dave, I found that and tried it a few days ago. Was this article helpful? The Congestion Analysis will allow dell wireless wlan card network administrator to view congestion on certain channels.

Then tried the Dell Wireless thingy, it starts up, then hangs. Is it a virus, as wlam posting from Google search suggested?

Dell Wireless WLAN Card Utility – Dell Community

Then I reinstalled the Dell app. This works better on Windows 7 Connect to the Internet with your Ethernet connection.

Then I need to do a Task Manager shut acrd on its I am at my wits end here. It’s funny this happens. From the utility’s Diagnostics tab, you can perform the following tests: Does anyone know where to download this, I have not been able dell wireless wlan card locate it.

The CCX Client Diagnostics will put your wireless adapter into a special mode that allows a Cisco compatible eXtension-powered network infrastructure to run a series of diagnostic tests on your network connection.


This unit has a Dell Wireless Mini-Card in it. Below you will find instructions, explanations and visual references for the hardware diagnostics.

Shut down and restarted. Hello All, I received my Windows 7 upgrade discs today and when I popped in the Windows 7 upgrade assistant disc, it scanned my system for incompatible software.

There are additional tools in the diagnostic tab intended for network administrators. Dell Inspiron 15 will not connect to Wi-Fi. Or just an dell wireless wlan card From the utility’s Diagnostics tab, you can perform the following tests:.

In the services window scroll down untill you see the listing for windows wireless zero.