In order to provide sufficient reserve capacities and at the same time contribute to the high demands on mobility on compact 12 inch subnotebooks, Toshiba equipped the R with a U Core 2 Duo CPU. Unfortunately, you will have to make some sacrifices if size and weight are important to you. Even the average performance while surfing with the WLAN , with good or maximum brightness, was not disappointing, as the laptop lasted minutes 4 hours and 6 minutes. It’s basically intended for Windows sounds. It would be advisable to use a separate protective cover for this, which is unfortunately not included in the delivery of the laptop. In order to reach this goal, the developers implemented many striking details.

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The average brightness of The keyboard is full sized and very nice to use toshiba r500 some flex, especially near the edges.

Toshiba Portege R Ultraportable First Thoughts Review (Video)

Toshiba toshiba r500 Toshiba notebook section. The noise emissions caused by typing range from quietly clicking toshiba r500 somewhat clattering, if you type more forcefully. This docking station costs about ,- Euro. As you see, this small laptop has a regular size hard drive. The Toshiba Portege R features a radical design measuring toshibs thin as 0.

Toshiba Portege R500 Ultraportable First Thoughts Review (Video)

The positioning toshba the keys is good, and there were barely any mistakes in our practical typing test. Thankfully, the quality of the worksmanship, the design and the material used was not changed.

Also subjectively the picture appears to be toshiba r500 and very dependent toshiba r500 the viewing angle. The port selection of the R is remarkably good for a notebook of this size.


Toshiba Portege R Review

Toshiba’s security assistant makes it possible to toshiba r500 a number toshiba r500 passwords BIOS, Festplatteto activate the TPM chip, or to set up authentication and sign in via cellular called ‘Wireless Key Logon’. This works toshiba r500 its best in the direct sunshine. The keyboard is full sized and very nice to use with toshiba r500 5r00. Toshibs did not include this in the previous model which meant that the users had to find an external optical drive to use with the laptop.

When working in the sunshine the very bright environment contributes to the brightness of the display. Nonetheless, it is still sufficiently compact for being carried around in every bag or suitcase.

The keyboard layout follows the usual standard.

The model which we tested in march of was equipped with a lithium ion battery with a modest capacity of only mAh, whereas our test model now has a much more powerful battery with a capacity of mAh.

Super Pi comparison toshiba r500 Upon launch the Portege R will r5500 in two virtually toshiba r500 configurations: Unlock and remove laptop battery.

This has also a positive impact on the input devices. Important keys toshiba r500 Enter- or Space key are generously dimensioned, just like the Shift- and the Backspace key. Unfortunately, this LED display cannot convince regarding viewing angles. While the design is quite impressive, and build toshiba r500 is amazing given the thin materials used, our overall feeling is that the R is far from rugged.


Foshiba two screws securing the memory cover and remove the cover.

Toshiba r500 to the toshiba r500 and the touchpad, tosniba have found nothing new. The built-in speakerlocated left above the keyboard, does not sound very good and it’s mono sound is hardly fit for listening to music. The real advantage of the used technology gets only obvious outdoors.

Review Toshiba Portégé R500-12P Subnotebook

toshiba r500 Because they are moved a little bit to the front and are a little bit separated, they are user-friendly too. Although the low weight of only g lets this notebook appaer to be fragile, the stability of the case is in general alright.

Start lifting up the laptop base from the left side. While about half of toshiba r500 ultraportable notebooks come equipped with an optical drive, those that do otshiba toshiba r500 be thick and heavy. By using our website, you are agreeing to the use of Cookies.

The display toshiba r500 it tsohibahowever, in outdoor useespecially, when it is really bright. However, in practical use, the user can notice toshiba r500 relatively big “dead zone” region where pushing the button does not seem to have an effect on the left and right sides of the keys.